A Catventure game about a young space explorer and a little flying robot.

Astro Kat?

Astro Kat is a sci-fi themed action adventure game featuring Kat, a young kitty explorer and scientist. You will visit different planets to look for animals, plants and maybe even find some new friends! Together with your companion bot-friend, you will discover new abilities by researching the alien environments.

You can find interesting items in the world by jumping, climbing and using your newly discovered abilities. Make friends with the many alien characters you will meet. The game offers a mix of action, puzzle-solving, platforming and exploration in many different environments.

Astro Kat Snow World
Astro Kat Pirate Outfit
Astro Kat Combat
Astro Kat Scanning


Astro Kat is developed using Unity and MayaLT. You can find more information about the development, art and tutorials on Twitter, the Astro Kat Patreon and Development Blog.

The game is currently in a very early stage and Tibbletop Games is working very hard to make a vertical slice demo. Soon everyone can enjoy a first impression of the game.

Astro Kat